The Labyrinth¬†in the “Village”is a Neo-Victiorian Boutique with¬†steampunk inspired clothing.

A Metaphysical Gift shop with incense, crystals, candles and one-of-a-kind handcrafted unique gifts.

As well as an Apothecary with a wide selection of Organic Herbs, Teas and Essential Oils. we are located in charming downtown La Mesa.


The store also provides tarot card readings, Theta healing, astrology birth charts, open-heart intuitive healing and sound therapy services.

Our apothecary includes over one hundred different types of herbs, essential oils, vials, bottles, and carrier oils. The store also stocks a variety of black teas, herbal and flowering teas.


The Labyrinth carries a unique steampunk inspired clothing collection which includes corsets, vintage clothing, up-cycled clothing. We also carry an assortment of shirts, jackets, hats, watches, vests, and trinkets just for men.

The jewelry collection at the Labyrinth includes one of a kind pieces produced exclusively for the Labyrinth by local artisans. The collection includes Steampunk and Victorian inspired necklaces, brooches, earrings and feather facinators. We also carry accessories for men including pocket watches, medals, sleeve cuffs, and tie pin’s.

In addition to our retail shop we provide tarot readings, Theta healing, astrology birth charts, open-heart intuitive psychic readings and sound therapy services.